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Downtown Seattle Association Ambassador Series

Downtown Seattle Association Ambassador Series

Our relationship with the Downtown Seattle Association gives us the opportunity to tell some amazing stories. It also allows us to meet some of the people who keep the city running. The DSA | MID ambassador program has some great men and women who are making radical changes in their lives and in turn serving the downtown Seattle community. We’re grateful that we get to tell these people’s stories and showcase the real effects that these jobs have on keeping downtown Seattle safe and livable.

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Michelle has made the choice to be on the front lines of the Seattle drug and homelessness crisis. Here’s here story

Meet Jessica. Coming from adverse circumstances she’s used negatives and turned them into positives by believing in others.

Eric lives our his belief that relationships with the homeless are the first step toward real change.

Gregory waske up every morning at 3:45am to serve downtown Seattle. He takes pride in his city both for locals and visitors.

Isaiah and the team of people in Pioneer Square are a big reason that Occidental is becoming a welcoming spot on Seattle summer day.

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